Spring Clean-Up 2018

Typically, we have the Pleasant Valley Cemetery Spring Clean Up on the first non-rainy, non-Easter weekend in April with a rain date for the next weekend. Because Easter falls on April 1 this year, we have made the decision to move the Spring Clean-up FOR THIS YEAR ONLY to Saturday, March 24, 2018. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. and should be finished by Noon. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. We are doing this so that the cemetery will be cleared before Easter decorations are put out. Also, although we still have some cold weather ahead, Spring is right around the corner. However, if you can possibly wait to put out your spring decorations until after Saturday, March 24th, it would be much appreciated.

Plastic bags will be provided. Please bring a pair of gloves. We are asking any willing volunteers to bring a rake as we want to clean up the west fence line, around trees and other places where leaves have collected. We will provide the paper lawn clean-up bags.

Remember, this is the clean-up where we remove ALL floral arrangements whether they are in vases, on top, in front of, behind or beside any monument. We will also remove any Shepherd’s staffs or flags holder if they are not decorated in some manner. If you wish to keep a particular arrangement, please be sure to remove it prior to March 24th. Mementoes will not be removed unless they are broken or in disrepair.

After the Spring clean-up you may decorate grave sites in any way you feel appropriate. Decorations will remain in place until approximately June 15th when any decoration in front of or behind a monument will be removed. This is done so that the mowers do not have to mow and trim around arrangements. Arrangements in vases or on top of monuments may remain.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. It helps to keep Pleasant Valley Cemetery looking neat and clean. Thank you to all our Friends of PVC who do an excellent job of keeping their assigned sections clean of debris.

During Spring Clean-up, please consider the following:

  • Pick up any trash
  • Pick up any twigs/sticks/branches
  • Remove any floral arrangements (including those in attached vases — unless marked not to do so by management)
  • Leave any new, fresh or decorations depicting Easter
  • If floral arrangements are “Spring-Like” and are not weathered or faded, leave them there.
  • Remove any U.S. flags that are torn and/or weathered. Do NOT throw these in the trash, but bring to chapel for proper disposal.
  • If U.S. flags are in good shape, leave them in place.
  • Straighten up any Veteran Markers and make note of any broken or bent Veteran Markers
  • Straighten up any mementoes
  • Make note of any broken monuments, sink holes/depressed areas or areas needing grass seed
  • If decorative flags are faded, torn or depict some particular season other than Spring, remove them.
  • When in doubt, leave it in place!!!
  • If you bring a rake, rake leaves along the west fence line and put into paper leaf bags.
  • Rake any other noticeable piles of leaves and dispose of them.
  • Rake around trees to pick up twigs and branches

Please give me a call if you have any questions.

Mike Flanagan
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
(913) 706-3766 — Cell

“Light Up the Chapel” Capital Campaign

The Board of Directors for Pleasant Valley Cemetery District Association, Inc. would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donation to our “Light Up the Chapel” Capital Campaign. Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Donald and Revelyn Alpaugh
Gail A. Barham
Janet S. Bash
Brad and Pam Boerner
Max and Ruth Bruce
Larry Bunce
Lisa Bunce
Jonathon Burr
Lydia Cline
Lois Collins
Sharon Corben
Kendalene Crenshaw
Julia Dohr
Wendell Doolittle
Edward Jones Investments
Debra L. Eskie
Anthony Felich
Mike and Loy Flanagan
David Garrett
Tom and Jane Hang
William Hanna
Margaret Hansen
Brian and Robin Harris
Jerry and Lee Anne Heath
Shirley Hoffman
Warren Holmes
Andrew Ingolia
Beth A. Johnson
Tripp and Sally Johnson

Joetta C. Kliewer
Ann Kranker
Brenda L. LaMar
Ken and Carol Lash
Lynn Lieberman
Becky Linot
Dave Lundgren
Rebecca MacKinnon
John Martin
James McNelis
Jerry Mounts
Greg and Ann Owens
Sam and Connie Perkins
Andrea Ponte
Robert and Becky Powell
Charlie and Betha Regan
Richard Rhodes
Christopher Rigsby
Iris Sanford
Michele Schwab
Rhonda Sexton
Ruth Sherrill
Derald and Gloria Slagle
Total Financial Group (Karren Allen)
Dennis and Mary Beth Welzenbach
Paul Wirtz
Joan Woods
Shirley Young
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