About Us

Pleasant Valley Cemetery District Association, Inc. is a 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to the prospect of maintaining the look and feel of a rural cemetery in an urban setting. We were organized in March of 1881 and pride ourselves on maintaining what we believe to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful cemeteries in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We created a tax supported district in 1964, but have never requested any support to date. Pleasant Valley Cemetery is owned by those individuals who have burial rights within our boundaries and is governed by a Board of nine individuals who are all volunteers.

We offer opportunities throughout the year to gather socially and get to know one another and bond together in a supporting network. We rely heavily on our volunteers and encourage involvement with the cemetery in a variety of ways.

We want Pleasant Valley Cemetery to be a place that you are proud to be part of and a peaceful resting place for all who enter our gates and call this home.