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Rules & Regulations

Sealed concrete or steel vaults are to be used with each burial due to water being added to dirt backfill for compaction. No two-piece box is to be used.

All grave markers, monuments and vases are lot owners’ responsibility. Foundations are to be formed ground level with no less than a three-inch (3″) border on the front and back sides. A two-inch (2″) or three-inch (3″) border on the two sides is preferred. Maximum width for the foundation pad is 36 inches per space for a single space and 72 inches for a double space in all sections of the cemetery. Therefore, a maximum width for the monument base/headstone is 30 inches per space for a single and 66 inches for a double in all sections of the cemetery. Concrete or granite pads are preferred. Above ground foot markers will not be allowed. Do not pour a border around grass level foot markers. Ground level markers (flat stones) are allowed. Granite resting benches are to be installed in line with monuments. Nothing is to be over burial spaces. Ground level base assembly vases and upright vases are to be installed in line with all monuments (on either side), but it is preferred that they be installed on the base. No vases should be installed in front or behind grave monument so that we can keep the mowing lanes clear. It is the responsibility of the monument company to remove the wooden forms, if used, after the concrete has set.

Floral arrangements, cut or artificial, will be removed as scheduled below:

– First non-rainy, non-Easter Saturday in April – ALL floral arrangements including those in permanent vases
– June 15 – all floral arrangements except those in permanent vases
– First non-rainy, Saturday in October – ALL floral arrangements including those in permanent vases
– Anytime – items judged by management to be unsightly, offensive, weathered, out of compliance with regulations, hazardous, a hindrance to maintenance or inappropriate for a sacred place.

  • Please remove any floral arrangements or decorations you wish to keep before the dates posted above.
  • Pleasant Valley Cemetery will not be responsible for any decorations placed on graves.
  • Personal mementos are allowed at all times provided they do not interfere with lawn maintenance.
  • All monuments and vases are lot owner’s responsibility, including maintenance.